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The Muslims are worst inflicted with the over dose of prevalence of caste system while the fact is other way round. There is no scope or place for things like racism or castes in Islam. As such if any Muslim or a particular section/group of Muslims are indulging in divisive tendencies to create distrust in the Ummah, such person/s are doing so at the cost of their loosing the faith in the Holy Quran and the teachings/sayings of our beloved Prophet Hzt. Mohammed (PBUH). It will benefit neither them nor the Ummah at large. They are in fact inviting displeasure of the Prophet (PBUH), which may even lead them to the worst place in their life hereafter. Had Allah willed He could have made you one community. But that He may try you by that which He hath given you (He hath made you as ye are). So vie one with another in good works. Unto Allah ye will all return, and He will then inform you of that wherein ye differ. Despite of all above, the reality is shamefully different and that is what we are worried about. How it all started is very much unfortunate alienation amongst Muslims. It started with the Muslim invaders who mostly had the intention to ruthlessly register their victory over the rulers of the country they invaded.
The invaders- all dynastic rulers came with certain people with them from the countries of their origin. These people tried to ensure their dominance over the natives by positioning themselves as a privileged class or castes. The natives of the country were subjugated and strategic position was built in such a way that these natives particularly those who accepted Islam much earlier than they invaded the country, were kept away from position of authority. They conspired and played a game by misguiding the dynastic rulers so that there was their monopoly over the power, which was not to be shared with the native Muslims as they were marginalized by spreading disinformation of all sort against them.
They went to the extent of calling them infidels and not trustworthy. Let us take the case of Meos of the Mewat very much in the vicinity of Delhi, the sheet of power. With one excuse or the other Meos were tarnished with the image of rebels, dacoits, looters and these people carried out fake jungs, julam and wars against the Meos in the name of bringing law and order under control, revenue collection and crushing the anti-ruler activities.
They completely ignored that these people were also the part of Ummah and by putting effort; they were required to be brought into mainstream with all necessary support by educating them rather than keeping them deprived of all opportunities.

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They were treated as outcast and less human. This is what is called certain group/s suffering from some sort of complex and as such trying to suppress others based on ethnic, cultural or origin so called superiority. There are ample examples the Meos suffered their brutal attack any time at their whims. Gias-u-Din Balban killed more than one lakh innocent Meos under pretext of curbing anti-king activities.

Even he destroyed the thick Jungles of Arivali Hill ranges where the Meos used to take shelter. This all was a part of manipulation to keep them away from power sharing, as they were most likely to do that being next door the capital and being Muslims. These are the same people who still shamelessly called themselves high caste against all clearly laid down ethos of Islam and the Meos as jahiliyya and lesser civilized. This is only found in Indian subcontinent and nowhere else not even in Islamic countries.

They still are of the opinion that their origin in foreign lands qualify them to be of high caste. This is all contrary to any logic and they are in complete illusion and very much against Islamic principles and teachings. However, these same people talk that there is no high, low caste in Muslims when it comes to issues like reservation for Muslims economically less fortunate. Now this lot of people should realize how painful and damaging it is to see and face stereotyping any community or class of people as extremists, terrorists etc. This is what they did with Meos. Definitely, now it is equally unfortunate for whole lot of Muslims including Meos to be blindly stigmatized as such for a few miscreants, misguided and disgruntled outfits of the community. Let these so called high caste Muslims be reminded of the facts that Meos as a whole, during the period of outside Muslims rulers, were called looters, thieves and what not for may be few of them were indulging in anti-social activities.

They never bothered to think that the net they were spreading under ill thought conspiracy against Meos, the day might come when they themselves be victim of the same. However, this time they are not alone. All innocent Muslims are entrapped in it. ï One good thing we have today is that we are living in democratic country and most of Indians are for secular values, justice and equity to all citizens. Therefore, the infliction of sectarian approach is not that damaging what the Meos had already faced during all dynastic rules. This era is the first for the Meos after about seven centuries when this community feels their participation in the government functioning under general franchise and constitutional protection.

They are deriving the fruits of free India by way of better opportunities for education and progressive schemes of the Government. Therefore, as far as concept of castes is concerned, earlier these high caste Muslims mend their ways better it will be. All Muslims make the Ummah and no body can claim one's superiority over the others based on origin, complexion whatsoever. However, as regards to origin of the Meos are concerned, they are very much Aryan i.e. Arian whose origin is a place called Ariyahn in Plastine. It needs not be further elaborated, as Meos never boast of any sort of superiority over others because of their origin or otherwise. "Firqa bandi hay kaheen aur kaheen zatein hain kya zamane mein panapne ki yahee batein hain" "Tum syed bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho tum sabhi kuchh ho batao ki musalman bhi ho" Also please read: In Islam, excellence depends on the attainment of piety or Allah-consciousness.

There is no limit to it. The more a person can acquire it, the higher position he will get in the society. Respectability in Islam depends on Allah-Consciousness [Taqwah] and not on caste, race, wealth, power or position. Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him (S)] in his last sermon from the Mount of Arafat [Makkah] declared: An Arab is no better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is no better than an Arab; A red raced man is no better than a black, except in piety. Mankind are Adam's children and Adam was created from dust Caliph Omar used to call Bilal who was originally a slave as Sayyedna Bilal [Bilal My Lord] and used to accommodate him to sit by his side whenever he visited him during his Caliphate.

Prophet Muhammad (S) married his cousin, Zainab of the noblest tribe of Quraish to Zaid bin Harith who was purchased by his wife Khadija as slave.

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