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Discrimination the Worst Virus Inflicting the Human Society

Virus of discrimination alienates one set of people from another. This inflicts the whole of human race with hatred, animosity, opportunity deprivation, subjugation, stigmatization, marginalization and what not. The first human couple i.e. Eve and Adam should have been saddened further after seeing thing happening worse than what they suffered on their descending on the earth from heaven.

The devil might by laughing on the state of affair human beings have created for themselves. The whole world is a victim of this virus of  discrimination one way or the other on wrong presumption of race, skin coloration, region, caste, creed etc. to the extent that it looks strange to call ourselves from the same ancestry i.e. the one single parents a fact revealed through all holy scriptures.

The people, who are the victim of discrimination, are to be blamed more as they failed to fight against this and take it as fate accomplice. The people who indulge in this immoral act to discriminate are devoid of any shame as they do so against their own progenies from the same origin they too belong.

This is all happening despite strict Laws of almost all countries. The reason lies in a vicious circle as the same people are there to implement those laws. The solution lies in the hands of those who suffer the most. Unless they stand up for their liberty from discrimination, nothing will change. However, it does not mean one can justify reverse discrimination by indulging in affirmative action against those who have been exercising discrimination. Any thing evil shall remain evil whosoever does it.

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Prejudice feeling adorn by any is always illogical, unethical, contemptuous and cannot be justified by any stretch of mind.
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