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DOWRY “A WORST SOCIAL CURSE/EVIL” It is exactly not known how devilish social malady dowry is added to the traditions prevailing in today’s Indian subcontinent society irrespective of caste, creed and religion. But it is sure that it is one of the worst unfortunate things happened, raising its ugly head to weaken numerous families financially and some times they are doomed to be perished completely by one way or the other. Surprisingly, it is taken for granted that the dowry will come automatically as a system itself by those who don’t demand or get it decided in advance. In case it does not come, there are all chances of breaking the sacred relationship which they swear, will last not only in this world but hereafter as well. Here even the law of land could not do much to prevent this heinous social crime though we all proclaim to be ultra nationalists and as such law abiding people. The situation is a mind boggling and alarming where it is identified as devilish curse but no social good doers have taken visible steps to demolish the demon from its roots. It has been sometimes thinking of parents,” If we don’t kill her today; tomorrow she will kill us financially or some one else will burn her for the sake of dowry” Things have gone so wary about the girls in our society. It is a slur on our great Indian heritage. One of the reasons of these social evils is ignorance or non-compliance with or non-committal to Islamic teachings and practices. In Islam it is the man who pays Mahr (dower) to the woman. The following verses in the Qur’an prove that it is the man who is obligated to pay the Mahr (dower) to the woman unless the woman chooses not to take it. The practice of dowry, however, does in fact transgress Islamic law and is used as a tool of coercion and greed in societies. Cultures that demands dowry from the bride’s family, are actually practicing the opposite of what Allah commanded.
Our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) once said: 'whoever takes care of two girls until they reach adulthood — he and I will come together on the Day of Resurrection like this' interlacing his fingers (meaning fathers of girl children will be with the Prophet in paradise).' (Reported by Muslim). And in another hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: 'They (girl children) will be a shield for him from the Fire.' (Reported by Ahmad and Ibn Maajah) This is what we are taught in Islam, but when it comes to marrying a daughter, this blessing is made a curse on her parents by the greedy and criminal dowry seekers.
His Highness Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali Azim Jah, the Prince of Arcot, hails from a family that traces its lineage back to the second caliph, Hazrata Omar Bib-Khattab has spoken very strongly against dowry. He says that religious leaders should teach against giving and accepting dowry, which is totally un-Islamic.

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People go out of the way and give importance to practices, traditions, conventions, etc rather than true and correct religion. As such the menace of dowry and dilemma most of parents of Indian subcontinent are thrown into once they became happy parents of a girl as and when they come across typical odd situations while searching a suitable match for that most loved one. It is a humble earnest request to all concerned to do away with this criminal act by all standards and restore deserving honor to girls and their parents in the society and in turn earn the most sought favour and blessing for Almighty Allah.

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