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Ego-a friend or an enemy
Stretching ego to moderate extent and judicious control of mind over it, it can prove to be wonderful in helping to maintain self esteem by way of rational, intelligent, and moral as important ingredients. It enhances one’s self confidence courage to take initiative for doing tasks undertaken in a wonderful manner. One stands better chance to either way- convince others or get convinced. He can be both a leader and good follower very much essential to organise people for achieving noble goal in the life. Such person is more in for reconciliation rather than confrontation and can lead smoothly to an amicable solution of problems coming in day to day life. He has the capability of carrying along the fellow beings with him as a united force to accomplish even difficult tasks. As rightly said, ego represents rationality and common sense, ensures safety and self-preservation, translates thoughts into action, and represses unacceptable impulses.
In that way ego in right proportion is a wonderful possession one can enjoy life long and as such is beneficial.
On the contrary outstretching the ego surpassing all limits of decency then it serves only itself and that makes us self absorbed and self-cantered, and that is never a good thing. That Ego is potential  evil to us. The Ego serves only the Ego, it really doesn’t even serve you; the Ego has no master!
If we allow the Ego to go berserk to serve its needs, the Ego will become the master and we become the slaves. We serve the Ego, and the Ego only serves itself.
The Ego wants it all, the lime light needs to shine on it, and everyone needs to know that the Ego did this or that.
The Ego is the root of all evil; from it all other evil comes, grows and spreads.
As rightly said, the Ego is of no value, it is our fallen nature, and if we can learn to control it, to defeat it, we will all be one step closer to heaven on earth, on step closer to God, and one step closer to discovering what Adam and Eve lost for us.
If ego is something like arrogance then you are farther and farther from virtues and your destruction is sure certain.
So in the nut sell if we are master of our ego to make it serve us for keeping our self esteem, for thinking positively and rationally to lead a virtuous life then the ego is a value addition to our personality but contrary uncontrolled ego is destructive to us.

Fazal A Khan

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