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Human dignity has a very wide connotation with its universal appeal across all boundaries and barriers whatsoever. The word "dignity" has its origin from the Latin word "dignitas" which means, "insisting on being respected." So dignity can be defined as a position of respect naturally to be accorded to any thing, anywhere for all time to come.

Whenever we talk: about human dignity, it signifies with greater emphasis to accord a vintage position, a position to be earmarked and insured to be specifically given to any human being irrespective of his/her position, task doing, creed, cast, colour, country whatsoever. There are very many reasons to keep human dignity in the upper most of our mind.

A few as suggestive illustrations can be shared with you are:

  1. In this animal kingdom in the universe, human being is the superior creature and enjoined upon with the task of trusteeship of all treasure God has showered upon His creatures.
  2. One belief of some us is "Even God descended upon the earth as none other than human being i.e. Incarnation of God were Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.
  3. It is revealed according to one mythology that human being is .. Ashraf-ul-makhlukat i.e.Superior creature jn the animal kingdom. If that is exalted position he is showered upon by none other than God Himself, then it is indicative of as to how dignified the position of human being is.
  4. Another belief says, "On creation of the fIrst Human Being i.e. Adam, God was so pleased that He ordered His Angels to bow before him. "You can just imagine, "How exalted position a human being has been honoured with"
  5. His knowledge & instinct to acquire knowledge is the abundant proof that human being is on a very elevated position.
  6. Another belief is, "Human yoni is acquisitioned after going through almost an indefinite process of birth & death cycle i.e. about one lakh and eighty four thousand times. "How difficult it is to achieve this precious position. Once you are born as human being, more difficult is to attain ultimate salvation i.e. Moksh. Now you can just think of where we stand.
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There are numerous faiths/revelationslbe1iefs, which can be quoted, but for the sake of brevity I am limiting to the above only. However, these illustrations are enough indicative of the fact that human being is inborn dignified and as such human dignity is a truth to be accepted and practiced to uphold it.

Let us consider for instance, our fellow animals, which are called beasts, and constitute a jungle raj. Amongst them, we may consider social fabric, the lions/tigers/elephants have developed and fraternity they enjoy and how they live complete in peace with dignity in their own community. Similarly, take the case of vultures/owls/reptiles like snakes and look at their life style how they remain in complete harmony with dignity in a well-fortified commune. Also please see the insects like bees, termites, and ants. What a high level of dignity they live with in their well safe guarded colonies.

In contrast to the above there are unending tales of atrocities, discrimination, inhuman treatment has been done to our fellow human beings. Treatment met out to captive slaves by so called Superior Arabs, inhuman and prison like condition how blacks and forced migrant Indians were kept by the Britishers for cultivation of sugarcane fields, how fellow Indian have been made untouchables by their own people so called swam casts and treated worst than animals, are a few examples to quote here at the moment. If these are told in details and analyzed they will appear horror stories unbelievable by today's civic society. Still atrocities are prevalent in our land of Buddha, Munies, Lord Krishna and Shri Rama on one pretest or other as well known to all of us. We are simply silent and helpless spectators or read in the newspapers & forget in a day or two.

The above examples are those of lesser intelligent creatures and compare them with super creature, human being. A vast difference is for all to note. Moreover, we have been receiving Prophets, Saints, Sufis, Rishies, Mahatmas and even God (according to one belief) Himself as incarnation to live with us doing all sorts of chores we do and at the same time to guide us to the path of truth which we can learn to live and let live others with dignity. Alas! We are still way behind even from less intelligent fellow creatures in the jungle raj. In fact, with superior faculties we are born with we could have Mangle raj  i.e. Ram raj wherein we all  have been living with dignity and honour.

Please see other facets. We have Human Rights Commissions at almost all levels-state, nation and international still we are devoid of mere glimpse of dignity we could have attained and lived with. This is a sorry state of affairs we are still struggling with even in this age of high tech and highly advanced science. We are still to learn to live and let others live with dignity.
Let us have a cool thinking over the whole issue and do cost benefit analysis, we shall find numerous benefits of practicing noble way of leading a life by way of keeping human dignity as one of our priorities toward one and all in our day to day social behavior. Everybody will enjoy his status of his being human being. Every individual shall become socially integrated and will do everything possible to the benefit of society at large. Social disparities will vanish or minimized. Dignity of labour and any work any body doing will increase. We shall break all barriers and mental blockages and harmonious commune will develop. A great sense of belonging to that commune will increase. We shall not only live as individual, but as a society and cohesive nation. Global brotherhood will become a reality.

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