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The Meo Aryans in Search of Their Leader

 It is a well know fact that all living inhabitants/creatures on this earth live in groups by way of some natural, social and cultural similarity(ies).It is also said that all we are brought here in various tribes so as we know one another. Some one from them plays a leading role. In the same manner, there are various social groups or ethnic tribes of human beings living in different part of this world. As a natural phenomenon all groups of the people of common heritage or culture, geographical location need some body to lead them. He may not be influencing individually but has a role to play to guide and safe guard common interests of the group as a leader.

Those ethnic groups/tribes are fortunate enough to have persons having leadership stature having qualities so great that such groups succeeded to the extent of finally carving out a nation for the people whom they represent. The expectations out of leadership are very many depending upon the aspiration of the people. The task of leadership of community is a very complex and demanding. The leader should have foresightedness to peep into the future as to how it can be planned and secured with the timely efforts. Further, it is more about a person’s ability to work with people and motivate them to achieve an outcome satisfying every body. A true leader has the ability to inspire and gain respect while setting and achieving goals by himself or when ever possible to get the support of the whole of the community for the purpose.

With the limited knowledge, it can be said that after the martyrdom of Hasan Khan Mewati followed by all sort of atrocities for centuries together, late Chaudhry Yasim Khan took the command of the community in a situation the community had been struggling against Jung, Julam and Jamaa thrust upon it by the rulers of the time. It will not be exaggeration if we say that the Taj Mahal and other such monuments depicting as a glorious period of rulers, were built with the money collected forcefully as revenue at an exorbitant rates from agrarian communities 

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especially Meos. Chaudhry Yasim Khan was succeeded by his great son, pride of Meos, Chaudhry Tayyab Hussain. Today again, we are left alone, as he hopefully has gone for higher status to live in heavenly abode. The whole community is in complete agony and pain as if they lost a member of their own family. “The writer could not stop tears volleying in his eyes while writing these words as he is feeling it as his personal loss”.

The leadership should be able to identify challenges and opportunities and accordingly act upon in a way to derive maximize benefit to the people.

He should find out ways and means to get the focus of the community as to where to invest its efforts and resources. One very import aspect is education. He should inspire his whole community to invest in education by way of establishing community educational institutions, medical college, engineering college, libraries etc so that his community can get quality education and health care. Other infrastructure like roads, water supply, sewerage lines, telephones electricity, parks, supports facilities and other civic amenities are to be taken on high priorities and ensured to be available to the community by his effectively influencing the existing Government functionaries.

Other onerous tasks for the leader are social  problems such as dowry, excessive spending on marriages, moral degradation, intoxication, prevalent  injustice, stagnation in professional methodologies, discrimination, ethnic tension, conflict and frenzy communal disharmony, deterioration in inter communal relationship etc. It is a great challenge for the leader to resolve these social issues and get the attention of his people focused for their economical development. If the leader is capable, he can ensure peace and security by conciliation and consensus in community.

Personality of the leader should be beyond reproach, as a role model and an exemplary, setting a trend in the society for following his trait of character. He is personified for all good acts the society approves and devoid of all evils his own people feel bad about. He should come up to the level of the religion he and his community is following. To be precise, he should be aware of all things permitted and prohibited and act accordingly.

For the new leader to take the community into confidence, the best course of action is to come out of his past mistakes if any, honestly and openly in the public with the promise to discard all those not to repeat in future. The community will feel comfortable and assured of its leader’s over all protection and support. By all his efforts, he will come up as Ameen, the most reliable and trustworthy.

(Repetition) If at all he is even little bit known of unwanted things he should admit and promise to discard all such acts of omission on taking responsibility of leadership. By this   simple act, not only he will be benefited in the life here but hereafter as well and his whole community will harvest the fruits by following him as their leader.

No doubt, leadership job is thorny and difficult especially when it is the community such as Meos who had been stratified, marginalized and stigmatized for centuries and still vulnerable to such treatment by fascist communal forces though they are said to have been protected by constitutional rights and privileges. The events are enough for keeping vigilant against threat of the safaya of the Meos as genocide defined as the annihilation, extermination or systematic killing of racial or cultural basics. The ultra communal forces want to convert India to a Hindu Rastrya. For that matter, the memory of ETHNIC CLEANSING IN RAJASTHAN in 1947 is still alive.

We hope, by grace of God, to be gifted to have some good leader, may be by way of his hierarchy or otherwise, people’s choice or as we need the upright leader whosoever he may be. Even otherwise we all will shower so love, affection and honour upon him that any leader will come up to our expectations and leads us to beautiful world here and hereafter. As on date, the community may be looking forward for some one again from the family of Baba-a-Quam Marhoom Chaudhri Yasim Khan. Only fact must be taken care of that our leader in this 21st century should be strong willed iron man to stand against all odds as mentioned above. Today our beloved one Chaudhri Tayab Hussain left us in vacuum for his heavenly abode and every Meo is in utter agony and pain of loss of ones own near and dear. Now we are left with the same family to decide for filling this vacuum. The rest will be taken care of by the whole community ready to sacrifice for the community interest under his leadership.

On assuming the role of community leader, people will invest in him their will of acceptance of command, support, respect, resources etc. with the hope he in turn will pay them back in providing effective and wise leadership.

For further reference, a few qualities of  community leadership having much relevance to the Meos are as follows:

  • Communication skills – to speak clearly, listen well, and observe carefully.
  • Conflict resolution skills – A very important to handle conflicts non-violently and creatively.
  • Leadership is an interactive conversation that pulls people towards becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment.
  • Community Leadership is the courage, creativity and capacity to inspire participation, development and sustainability for strong communities.”
  • Enthusiasm: A lively interest in the people, issues and events around him, a feeling of excitement about the possibilities, and the energy to guide community towards  fruition.
  • Innovation: His ability to “think outside the box,” takes risks and develops new and effective solutions to old and emerging problems.
  • Adaptability: His willingness to be flexible and to respond quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, along with a commitment to continual learning – formal and informal – and the ability to put that learning into practice.
  • Strong inter-personal skills: His ability to interact and work harmoniously with others, while being prepared to take on individual responsibilities.
  • Belief in others: His desire to build the capabilities of others, praise them where appropriate, go into bat for them when appropriate, provide them with helpful feedback and motivate them to do their best.
  • Peer respect: His ability to inspire respect, allowing a person to capably lead discussions, maintain discipline and encourage the contribution of others.
  • Insight: His ability to see the big picture, coupled with a strong sense of what stage you are at along the path, and intuit problems before they arise or before they become insurmountable.
  • A capable leader ensures access to all as far as possible with time management and keeps away from sycophants.
  • Wisdom: Intelligence coupled with insight and empathy, as opposed to raw intelligence. 
  • Delegation skills: A willingness to trust others and cede some responsibility. His task is missionary and needed to be taken as such. His constituency, the community he is serving is his family.
  • Emotions are part of human behaviour and come whenever one sees situational changes occurring in some body one is concerned about. However, there should be a balance of emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligent quotient (IQ)
Note: The writer will like to further suggest to his new leadership to have:
  • Web site designed for community leadership.
  • E-mailer for fast interaction with community.
  • Open E-mail address where any Moe can put forward his views/reviews for the community development and other common causes.
  • Whole time office to manage the above for which finance can be managed by personal contributions from Meos or Waqf Boards. This office will collect all sort of data, which can be used of putting genuine demand of the community to the government of the day such as selection to political posts, reservation in educational institutions , employment etc. It can be regarding population of Meos, literacy level, economic position, average land holding etc.
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