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Meo Aryan Princess’s Lesson to Shameless Treacherous Afghan Tatar Khan and Her Dignified Role as an associate of Mughal Sapesalar Bairam Khan

It is an interesting historical episode happened during the transient period before Mughals’ victory over Delhi Sultanate. It is about Meo Aryan princess’s bravery and prestige vis-à-vis treacherous and shameless act of Sapesalar Tatar Khan of Afghan Sultan Sikandar Shah before their down fall and victory of Mughals’ over Delhi. It also depicts the nobility of the great Mughals especially Sapesalar Bairam Khan. It is especially brought over here to those who are the caste intoxicated and racists as they still take pride in their belonging to foreign lands and behave indifferently to Muslims of Indian origin including Meo Aryans, the oldest Aryans settled first in North-West part of India.
Before proceeding further, it is pertinent to refer to the following couplets:

"Firqa bandi hay kaheen aur kaheen zatein hain
kya zamane mein panapne ki yahee batein hain"

"Tum syed bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho
tum sabhi kuchh ho batao ki musalman bhi ho"

In those days, on the advice of his well-wishers, brother of great Hasan Khan Meo, Jalal Khan Meo migrated to Delhi from Gujrat with his three thousand brave companions in search of better opportunities in the court of Sultan Sikandar Shah. His well-educated, very beautiful and very brave only daughter Jahan Aara, who was brought up as a boy, also accompanied her father Jalal Khan. She was not only equipped with good education she was also trained as good soldier and warrior.

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That is why Jalal Khan used to keep her with him during both peace and wars and she participated in many battles. She was equally beautiful and her father was intending to make her perform such events successfully so that she might succeed in becoming part of royal haram.

On arrival in the court of the sultan, Jalal Khan presented his credentials and offered rich presents to Sultan who was very happy to receive him with all deserving  warm  respect and introduced him to his all courtiers including sepasalar Tatar Khan who was not only having an important position as a sepasalar but also a special adviser to Sultan. In the court of Sikandar Shah there was another Afghan Sardar named as Hiabat Khan. He was a good friend of Tatar Khan in the royal court and he was given the position of ten thousand Munsabdari. It was a chance that Tatar Khan was present at the western gate of the fort when Jalal Khan with his companions arrived in Delhi. Jalal Khan sent information of his arrival to the court thro’ his messenger. The Sultan was very happy on his arrival as at that time he was feeling dire need to have Sardars as many as possible. Sikandar Shah was also expecting to win the favour of Hasan Khan Mewati in Gujarat as Jalal Khan being his brother. Both the brothers were considered very famous during those days.

Though Tatar Khan was a courageous and brave Sardar, yet he was by nature arrogant and obstinate. He was a scheming and political strategist and as such reached a high status in the court. Realizing demand of the time, he went out of the fort gate to receive Jalal Khan. He went along with him to the cantonment where riders used to stay and opened one part of his haveli to accommodate Jalal Khan temporarily. Jalal Khan was got impressed by his courtesy. But he was not aware of the fact that Tatar Khan had already heard about the excellent beauty of Jamal Khan’s daughter, Jahan Aara through the Gujarat messenger sent in advance before their arrival in Delhi. As such, there were two ulterior motives of Tatar Khan behind this artificial courtesy showed to Jamal Khan.

His first intention was to get friendship with a powerful Sardar to enhance in future the strength of  Sardars in his favour and secondly, he wanted to see himself the great beauty of Jahan Aara, said to be an angelic personality(Pari) of black mountain( the aravali). The opportunity he got very soon while the luggage was being carried inside he entered the place under pretext of supervising the labour engaged for the purpose. At that time, Jamal Khan went out side the haveli to the stable to instruct the horse keepers of his special horses kept for his riding. As soon as Tatar Khan stepped inside, Jahan Aara turned around taking him as one of the labour engaged on the job. For a moment, Tatar Khan felt a surge of lightening in the form of her beauty and very fair complex. He was astonished to see her gorgeous beauty despite her tiring journey.

She asked, “Who, who---are you?” Jahan Aara immediately became conscious and hid herself with Naqaab. Lines appeared on her shining face. Tatar Khan immediately took an about turn saying, “Sorry, I have an opportunity to extend hospitality to honourable guest Jalal Khan. I was unaware if there is a girl also with him. I have come inside to instruct labours if they are doing proper placement of the luggage, as Jalal Khan is away in the stable.” After her anger dissipated a bit, she acclaimed, “Oh, you are Tatar Khan, the Sepasalar of Afghan!”  He said, “I am pleased to know that his name is not unknown to her.”  “Still it would have been better if you should have enquired from your workers before entering inside as they have seen me” Jahan Aara rebuked him. Tatar Khan once again expressed his apology while stepping away towards the door of the haveli. He further requested while leaving, that she would not tell her father about his foolish mistake. He assured her that she would not be bothered again during her stay in his haveli.
He hurriedly came out of it, but he could achieve his purpose. He could see Jahan Aara. Heart in heart he conceived a notion that he would surely make her his bride but on the other hand, his lie was exposed while he uttered his last word leaving her. Hatred was developed in the heart of Jahan Aara on first impression. His request that she should not tell her father what happened was a clear indication that he knew about her existence. Jahan Aara’s anger which was pacified after his giving explanation, once again heated up. It was understood from his intentional misdeed that thereafter she had to be careful about what sort of person that Afghan sepasalar was.

The second day Tatar Khan escorted Jalal Khan to the court of Sikandar Shah. Jalal Khan offered to his highness some precious gifts and Afghan Sultan reciprocated his with some equally precious gifts and he was further honoured with a position of seven thousand Munsab status.
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