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Jalal Khan! “We have taken pledge to accomplish in Hindustan a task which is left incomplete due sudden and untimely death of Sher Shah Suri,” Sultan said. “The Mugals are once again moving toward us taking advantage of our internal differences and disputes, but his highness is sure of repeating the result of Agra battle if noble and competent sardars like you are with us.” “We are high pleased with your arrival.”  It is heard that Mugal Sepasalar Bairam Khan is going to attack soon.” Your first task will be to cooperate with Tatar Khan to impart military training to our solders along with him as we are going to send a battalion to oppose Bairam Khan. Jalal Khan replied, “I am highly thankful to his highness for the faith reposed in me.” Afgan never remained coward. This day is shown to us due to internal differences and worldly luxury of our unethical Sardars. We pray, “May Allah save us from the company of such Sardars who waste even the sacrifice of his own kith and kin.

Jalal Khan came back to the haveli with his host Tatar Khan after finishing the court proceedings. They both took their lunch together. After dining and departure of cooks and other servants Tatar Khan said, “You are new in Delhi. On the first day itself, it is not good to express such thought in the court. Why that! Why don’t you realize that hypocrites and false appreciators become the cause of down fall of the Kings? It is all right, but demand of time is some thing else. There are in the court such Sardars who have been brought to the side after much persuasion and there are others who have shown their back to Mugals and ran away but it is the time not to find fault but to encourage them.”

Though you did not say any thing about them, yet they would consider your advice as interference in their affairs. “It is my assessment that even Sultan did like what you said”. Tatar Khan said this with seriousness but at the same time, he said it with mischievous face. “However, you do not worry I shall stand by you in every affair, it is my promise. I expect a lot from your high experience. I understand this also.” Tatar Khan changed the topic by saying that the Sultan did not appreciate you as per your significant position. You at least deserved for the position of ten thousand munsabdari. 

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However, in near future the Sultan can become the emperor of whole of India. Tatar Khan was now talking in complete secrecy.  This time if at all some body is close and confident to the sultan, it is I only. However, apparently, I am his sepasalar only but he did not do any thing without seeking my advice in the matters from selection of ministers to ordinary administration. If I won a war against Mugals, believe it there will not be any body except me to become the prime Minister. However, for all this I need dependable and capable friends and companions like you. Though I am sure of your support and cooperation yet if our outer relation is changed from friendship to relationship, it will be a matter of excellent accomplishment and farsightedness.” “I am sorry for my lesser expectation. Jalal Khan said this with a some feeling of trouble, but I am not able to understand your purpose.”  “My indication is towards your upright and noble daughter, Jahan Aara.” Tatar Khan put up it with some reluctance. “If she is married with me, it will be my great fortune and for you, a great benefit. If Allah wishes, she will be the begum of the prime minister.”

Jalal Khan did not get angry. The house where there is enemy, stones are thrown. However, he could well understand the devilish nature of Tatar Khan. The meaning of his all favour and sweet talks was also exposed. As per the demand of the situation, he should have avoided until such time he established himself. But true soldiers are least bother about the situation. “I am sorry I could not give a positive reply to your desire.” He said it humbly. A surprise struck Tatar Khan. He was under wrong impression that Jalal Khan would jump up to hear it with a lot of joy.  But why? He asked suppressing his anger. “Don’t you think me suitable for relationship?” “It is not like this.” The tone of Jalal Khan was consistently humble and meaningful. “The way I have given her training, I think that I should not decide this matter without her consent.”  “By all means you can also discuss with her.” Tatar Khan said in a hurry. “It is not needed.” Jalal Khan said and stood up. “My daughter never hides any thing from me. After yesterday’s episode, she has formed an opinion about you and I am sorry that that does not go in your favour. I am grateful to you for your hospitality and respect, but under the circumstances, it has become necessary that I should make an alternative arrangement for my residence. Allah hafiz”. Jalal Khan said and stepped out of the room fully composed. Tatar Khan was hot with anger biting his lips.

After victory over the north-west Punjab, Himayun stayed at Lahore and ordered his lion-hearted warrior Bairam Khan along with twelve thousand horse riders to proceed ahead. Sikandar Shah came to know about the moment of Bairam Khan and he at once sent a battalion of forty thousand under the command of Tatar Khan to fight with Bairam Khan. In this battalion, there were Haibat Khan and Jalal Khan included along with other sardars. Jalal Khan did not want to fight under the command of Tatar Khan, but Tatar Khan’s scheming mind never showed sluggishness to accomplish his selfish motive. Sikandar Shah ordered Jalal Khan to go with them on Tatar Khan’s insistence. On the eastern bank of river Bijwarah, both the armies came in confrontation with each other. It was the first day of stay for Afghan Army. Tatar Khan with Haibat Khan, Bahadur Khan, Jalal Khan and other Sardars was discussing about the map of battle in a special tent, the guard informed about the arrival of a messenger from Mughal army. With pride, Tatar Khan looked towards his companions. “It looks like that Bairam Khan has frightened with the strength of their army.” Smilingly he said. Surely, he must have proposed for the settlement by sending the messenger.” Haibat Khan agreed with him. “Unless the whole of Punjab is not vacated, settlement cannot take place.” Said Tatar Khan and asked the guard, “The messenger is brought in our presence.”  In a second moment there was a tall, sturdy robust messenger whose face was presenting a manly strength and whose every sight was of a soldier like confidence and courage, was quite apparent, was standing in front of Afghan Sepasalar.

He saluted and paid respect as a diplomatic requirement and went ahead. “My master and Mughal army sepasalar has wished you and he has said, Tatar Khan saw the messenger from head to feet with an astonishment and cast a meaningfully sight at Haibat Khan. All right! He said, “You stay out.”  “After going through the letter, we shall give a written or verbal reply what ever we feel suitable.”  Messenger gave a salute and went out of the tent. “He looks to me as a Mughal Sardar.” Tatar Khan said after disappearance of the messenger. “I doubt he may not be Bairam Khan himself.” Haibat Khan replied. “What a childish you are talking, why does Bairam Khan knowingly come to your battalion this way.”  Tatar Khan said and looked towards Jamal Khan. “There is no doubt that he is not an ordinary messenger.”  Jalal Khan replied with all seriousness. “It is possible that he will even be a Mughal Sardar.”  “At first the letter should be read. After all what has, Bairam Khan has written.” Tatar Khan opened the envelop and took out the letter and started reading. As he was going on reading the letter, his face was becoming red with anger to the extent that he threw with extreme anger the letter one side before reading it completely. “This son of Turk dares so to ask us to surrender. Oh guard, call the messenger. We shall give Bairam Khan such a strong reply that he will remember it throughout his life.” Mughal messenger once again entered the tent and stood erect arrogantly.

The letter was still laying one side of the carpet. “Picked up the letter.” Tatar Khan gave order to the messenger. Excuse me, the messenger said with least care. “My position is that of diplomat, not of your soldier or a servant. You give this order to any of your servant.” “You also appear to be arrogant and out spoken like your Sepasalar.” Tatar Khan said with surprise. Meanwhile one Sardar picked up the letter and handed over to the messenger. Any how, Afghan Sapesalar while continuing, said, “There can’t be better reply to Bairam Khan’s mischievous letter, and while saying that he torn the letter in pieces.”  “Tell Bairam Khan.” He said thunderously, “ before asking us to surrender, he probably has forgotten the day when his Master has to save his life by jumping in the river Yamuna or defeated Himayun has forgotten that he remained wondering in the desert of Sindh with the fear of brave Afghans’ strength.” “Any practical person in the world will remember his defeat more than his victory.” The messenger replied. “If it so then, you should have remembered even today, when King Jahuruddin Babar compelled one lakh of army of Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi to run away from the battle ground of Panipat only with his twelve thousand of warriors.”

Tatar Khan became hot with utmost anger on hearing this reply. “You are not only erroneous but ill-mannered and uncivilized as well.”  He said while shouting. “You have exceeded your limits and for that you must be punished.” He called the guard by clapping. Arrest this outspoken Messenger. He ordered and looked towards Jalal Khan. Until further order, I give him to your control and if he runs away, you will be held responsible.

“I think you had better review your decision. Jalal Khan while standing said.  It is against international constitution to arrest a Messenger. Some time its results come up very dangerous.”  “I have not asked for any advice, Jalal Khan. It is an order by me as a Sepasalar.” Tatar Khan stared at him with guilty look and said.

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